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  • Both alkitronic tools and alkitronic accessories meet the highest industrial quality standards. Designed to complement our torque multipliers and hydraulic bolting solutions, the accessories enable you to have everything you need for your application from one source.

  • Our accessories are made from the best materials and state of the art manufacturing processes. Please find further information on the alkitronic accessories below.

  • If you have special requirements for your particular application or operating environment, please contact us.

The alkitronic backup wrench prevents self-holding the nuts from spinning during the tightening and loosening of a bolt.

  • To release the tension over the adjusting screw, easily and quickly remove the backup wrench, which is clamped firmly against the support after mounting.

  • The support on the backup wrench is fixed with a bolt.

  • After tightening the fixation bolt must be loosened and the backup wrench released. This method is the most flexible and secure one.

  • The alkitronic® backup wrench consists of a handle and a cartridge with different AF sizes.

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