The Inventor of the Electric Torque Multiplier

Alkitronic’s electric torque multipliers are ideal tools for high torques, fast operating speeds, exact precision and an increased number of joints. They are handy for turbo-assembly applications or the use in production environments. The IP54 protection shields the tools against moisture and dust. The different models cover a torque output from 70 to 31,000 ft-lbs (100 Nm to 42,500 Nm).

The following models are available:

alkitronic EFCip / ECWip

Electric torque multipliers from 45 to 4,795 ft-lbs (60 to 6,500 Nm).

alkitronic EF / EFW

Electrical torque multipliers from 88 to 31,345 ft-lbs (400 to 42,500 Nm).

alkitronic EFCip-N

The extended nose of the alkitronic EFCip-N electric multipliers allows the user to reach deeply embedded bolting connections such as on rims of trucks.

Torque range: 510 Nm to 3,000 Nm (375 to 2,212 ft-lbs)