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Alkitronic’s electric torque multipliers are ideal tools for high torques, fast operating speeds, exact precision and an increased number of joints. They are handy for turbo-assembly applications or the use in production environments. The IP54 protection shields the tools against moisture and dust. The different models cover a torque output from 70 to 31,000 ft-lbs (100 Nm to 42,500 Nm).

The following models are available:

alkitronic EFCip / ECWip

Electric torque multipliers from 45 to 4,795 ft-lbs (60 to 6,500 Nm).

alkitronic EF-S / EF-A (NEW - 2021)

alkitronic® EF electrical torque multipliers for torques of 315 to 30,980 ft-lbs (430 to 42,000 Nm).

alkitronic EFCip-N

The extended nose of the alkitronic EFCip-N electric multipliers allows the user to reach deeply embedded bolting connections such as on rims of trucks.

Torque range: 375 to 2,212 ft-lbs (510 to 3,000 Nm)

efcip finals
alkitronic EFWip
THE NEW alkitronic EF

THE NEW alkitronic EF

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