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Electric Torque Multiplier

How to Use an Electric Torque Multiplier Like a Pro

Tightening and loosening heavy-duty bolts can be simple ad fast with reliable tools such as electric torque multipliers. Alkitronic's head office in Germany invented the electric torque wrench in 1984 and was first to market ever since we maintain a leading position in this field.

Torque multipliers are handy as they provide the extra power required to turn nuts and bolts. Things are easier when using an electric torque multiplier since it is efficient. Whether you are a seasoned professional in the electric field or an enthusiast, it is good to learn how to use an electric torque multiplier ideally.

How to Use an Electric Torque Multiplier


  1. Retrieve the multiplier from its storage and place it on a flat surface

  2. Take the reaction device and insert it into the spline.

  3. Get the impact socket and put it on the square drive.

  4. Look for the rubber safety ring and slide it over the pin.

  5. Test the power source connection by switching the tool on and off

  6. Ensure the impact socket is securely connected onto the nut or bolt

  7. Make sure the multiplier is placed in the appropriate position. Typically, the multiplier’s support arm should be situated on the level of the connector or socket. 

  8. After attaining the preset torque, the motor will automatically stop.

Would you like to use an electric torque multiplier and do not have the budget to purchase one?  alkitronic Inc. rents out most models. Contact us at

Benefits of Using an Electric Torque Multiplier

As much as it is a good idea to work hard, it is also wise to work smart. Work with efficient tools such as an electric torque multiplier to get work done without wasting energy or time. If you are installing fasteners, bolts, or screws, we recommend you try an electric torque multiplier. We offer torque multiplier rentals and sales at a fair price from us.

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