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Ideal for heavy bolting connections with large threads

Alkitronic hydraulic wrenches are outstandingly useful when substantial bolting connections with large threads need to be tightened with great force. They are designed explicitly for restricted areas that are difficult to access.

The following models are available:

alkitronic H-AX

Hydraulic torque wrenches with two hydraulic hose systems for tightening or loosening heavy bolt connections.

alkitronic AX convertible type torque wrench up to (6,300  ft-lbs (49,240 Nm). Drive element with interchangeable hexagon link from 0.67" to 5.7" (17 to 145 mm)

alkitronic H-AT

Hydraulic torque wrenches with two hydraulic hose systems for tightening and loosening substantial bolt connections.

alkitronic AT hydraulic torque wrenches from 80 up to 53,100 ft-lbs (110 to 72,000 Nm) for threads of 9/16" (M14) and larger.

alkitronic X-Driver System

The most revolutionary hydraulic torque wrench system ever created.

The profiles are flat with no extrusions that create hangups. The design, with a smaller cylinder bore but longer levers, creates less stress on all parts. Easier to get into confined areas and around nuts in hard-to-access spaces. This tool is ideal for low-profile applications.

  • The hydraulic powerhead with two hydraulic hose system

  • Slimmest design - one-piece piston construction

  • Only one high-pressure o-ring - easily changed with four bolts

  • Novel A/Fivel design - 360º or 360 x 360 with one piece add on

  • The powerhead locks into the separate drives without pins or screws

  • All alloy steel construction - the only real convertible tool