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Alkitronic manual torque multipliers replace impact spanners, pipe extensions and other inadequate bolting methods. They provide energy-independent, precise, reliable tightening and loosening bolting connections. Torques from 145 to 36,875 ft-lbs (200 up to 50,000 Nm). No additional power supply is required to reach accurate torque. They are handy for maintenance purposes, and for use in hazardous, explosion-risk areas.

The following models are available:

alkitronic M / HG

alkitronic M / HG manual torque multiplier - for energy independent tightening and loosening of heavy-duty bolting connections.

Torque range from 145 to 36,875  ft-lbs (200 up to 50,000 Nm)

The ideal torque tool in intrinsically safe areas.

Toll Free: +1 (833) 4TO-RQUE (486-7783)

USA - Canada - Mexico - Caribbean 

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Torque Multiplier