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Bolting Bulletin Q1 - 2021 - English version

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

First and foremost, Happy New Year!

Our Q1 issue in 2021 of our quarterly "Bolting Bulletin" covers the following topics:

  1. Product news: Updated alkitronic Valve Torque Test System

  2. Three Bolting Technologies lead to the same outcome: Target torque = 550 ft-lbs, 1-13/16" nut - watch the video now

  3. Introduction to our popular range of alkitronic Pneumatic Torque Multipliers

  4. Made by our local machine shop: SANIKARE hand sanitizer dispenser

Product news: Valve Torque Test System

The torque required to operate a ball valve is a function of friction between the valve's metal parts and its soft sealing materials. It is a crucial parameter for valve manufacturers and operators. Are you in need of measuring valve torque? We recently updated and launched a new version of our Valve Torque Test System!

One target torque, multiple technologies to reach it!

On-site demos are still a challenge these days. However, with the help of technology, we can still show you how our tools work. Have a look at how to tighten a bolt with 550 ft-lbs with three different technologies. Electric, battery-driven and hydraulic bolting solutions can be used to achieve this goal. Sit back, relax, click on the image or button below to watch this short clip and learn more.

alkitronic CL series - Pneumatic Torque Multiplier

Pneumatic torque multipliers have been extremely popular over the last few decades. A pneumatic torque wrench is a planetary torque multiplier or gearbox mated to a pneumatic air motor. At the end of the gearbox, a reaction device absorbs the torque and allows the tool operator to use minimal effort. The torque output is adjusted by controlling the air pressure (25-35 cfm at 20-100 psi). These multipliers reduce bolting times significantly compared to other methods as they rotate continuously, steady and fast. Therefore they provide greater torque accuracy, higher performance, more reliable technology, less need for repairs, and lower running costs. Upon request, we also provide ATEX/CSA rated tools for use in hazardous areas. Remote controlled and with a silencer equipped units are popular in the manufacturing sector. With our 40 years of experience, we have created a well-liked solution for industrial use. Due to their design, they are effortless to maintain and service—High-quality Made In Germany.

Excerpt from one of our case studies:

"The owner of the deepest coal mine in the U.S. faced lengthy and costly dilemmas for two key applications: The foreman tested the alkitronic CLD pneumatic torque multiplier. The torque multiplier was ergonomically safer, and it eliminated the frequent, costly repairs of the impact wrenches which they used previously. The torque multiplier also increased the speed and productivity for the maintenance applications, as it was faster than a hydraulic wrench which was also tested."

Made by our local Canadian machine shop:

SANIKARE hand sanitizer dispenser

Our local machine shop came up with the idea to support our clients, plants and businesses with the current health regulations. If you have any need to equip your business with high-quality, touchless, foot-pedal operated, nice looking hand sanitizer dispensers, powder-coated in either black or white, feel free to reach out to us or order it directly in our online store.

Our services at a glance

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