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Bread production supply chain amid of a pandemic

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The right tools ensure agriculture machinery is operational

We all know the scenes in front of our grocery stores these days. Long lineups of people with masks and a security guard in front of the entrance. This is our new norm to get the necessary supplies for us and our families. Sometimes we are wondering if all those people in the line ever think of the entire supply chain and the hard work that is behind the products that eventually land on the shelves of those stores.

The bread production supply chain, for example, contains many steps. It starts with planting the seeds on the acres across the world and continues with getting the fertilizer from the potash rich areas onto the fields. It is followed by harvesting the wheat with heavy machinery, grinding it and then transporting the flour to the bakers. They make the final products such as bread, buns, cookies and cakes in all kinds of variations so that we can enjoy the delicious food we are used to, also during times of a crisis. It is vital to protect the people involved and make sure they do not get impacted by the virus. Once the protection of the essential workforce is secured, we need to ensure that the machines remain operational. We are talking about the ovens, the machines in production facilities, trucks to transport goods from A to B and agricultural machinery for planting the seeds and harvesting the grain.

Many companies who are supporting the maintenance of machines need to be operational as well to help any predictive and regular maintenance measures such as regular parts changes or repairs.

Torque tools and high-end bolting equipment are used in many of those areas, too, and are an essential part of the upkeep of many machines that secure the bread production. Let's look at some tangible applications where these tools are in use.

Changing rims on agricultural machines

Torque wrenches are used to change rims, as shown in the picture below. The speed and precision of the torque tools are of particular importance to ensure safe operation, reliable and quick execution of the work and flexibility. Time is an essential factor in all aspects. Imagine it is late summer, and it is time to harvest. Rain is in the forecast, but the person needs to act fast. At this very moment, a tire must be changed! Loosening and retightening of all the bolts for a tire change will usually take a lot of time. A mobile torque multiplier enables the staff to solve the problem in the shortest possible time, and the process can continue after only a few minutes. Most state-of-the-art products are IP 54 protected during the dusty and wet working environment in nature.

Tool change on agricultural machines

Not only tires need to be changed on agricultural operating equipment. Cutters, rakes and blades need to be replaced regularly as well. Particular challenges need to be overcome in these applications due to space or other constraints. Using a conventional torque wrench requires a lot of time, hard work and induces unreliable torque values due to the human factor. Most people use modern automatic torque tools, but often standard reaction arms are not sufficient, and a unique reaction fixture is required. In the case below, a customized solution was developed based on the customer's application.

Advantages at a glance

  • Time savings due to precise tightening with no need for rework 

  • Safety and precision

  • Robust design

  • IP54 protection for safe work in any weather

  • Customized solutions

  • Flexibility using rechargeable battery-driven torque multipliers


What is behind the supply chain of producing bread and a concrete example of how the bolting solution supplier alkitronic Inc. is involved. There are lots of other similar suppliers. We can think of producers of kitchen supplies for the bakeries, the fertilizer producers and the maintenance companies who look after the equipment. Plenty of other applications are out there where suppliers who are not visible in the supply chain are essential to ensure we get our final product, and this applies to lots of industries and products.

Further Information

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