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Bridge Construction: High Speed Bolting with alkitronic

In modern bridge and road construction, expansion joints are used to bridge abutment gaps. The TRANSGRIP® finger expansion joints bridge the gap with cantilever fingerplates. These massive and fatigue-proof finger elements are bolted to a solid foundation.


In the past, bolting connections during bridge construction were often tightened with the help of manual torque wrenches. The work strained the backs and knees of the workers.


Nowadays, the alkitronic EFCip N handles this task faster and more comfortably. The output extension of this specialized electric torque wrench makes it the appropriate tool for tightening low-lying bolted connections. Working in crouched positions or on one’s knees becomes unnecessary.

alkitronic electric multiplier with extension nose and special reaction fixture.
The EFCip N at bridge construction

Traffic and temperature fluctuations put high stress on these particular components. Additionally, bridge construction must meet strict security standards. We developed the torque multipliers with these requirements in mind. For instance, the alkitronic tools allow predefining a specific shut-off torque level. The electric torque multiplier achieves these forces precisely and can be operated by connecting it to any international electricity grid or a portable generator. Battery-driven options are available as well.

Nose extended alkitronic electric torque multiplier
alkitronic EFCip N


  • Innovative motor protection with automatic switch-off to secure bolting quality.

  • Intelligent automatic shut-off system for constant and exact reproduction of the preset torque (repeat shut-off accuracy ± 3% for the same bolting application).

  • Extraordinary robust aluminum motor housing.

  • Specifications: all alkitronic electric torque multipliers come with "CE" certification.

  • Electrical data: Universal AC Input 100V - 253 V, frequency 45 Hz - 66 Hz Power max. 2000 W, protection category I, protection class IP 54

For more information, contact: or call toll-free +1 833 4TO-RQUE

Our N-Tool selection (also ideal for deep rims on vehicles):

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