Documentation of the future: Further development of electric torque multipliers

With the new electric torque multiplier series, alkitronic® is taking another step in the direction of forward-looking technology. The electric torque multipliers can be configured with a progressive, user-friendly documentation system. The software package records the tightening values, enables reading via Bluetooth and documentation via the exclusive alkitronic® app.

In the age of Industry 4.0, automated documentation and traceability of metrics are required by more and more end-users, quality managers, and people in charge. A quick and easy transfer of correctly performed bolting connections - as allowed by the electric torque multiplier of alkitronic® - helps to meet these requirements. The torque multiplier with the documentation function is especially used when tightening requires high precision, reproducibility, and the tightening parameters' subsequent control. "With the further development of the EFCip Series software package, our torque multipliers are ready for the future. We simplify the documentation process of our customers. This saves time and money," says Silke Aigner, Sales & Technical Support Manager at alki Technik GmbH. The documentation subject is not new to alkitronic®, as documentation systems have been developing for many years. The new alkitronic® EFCip incorporates this technology in the electronics of the torque multiplier. Besides, with the specially developed alkitronic® app, you have all the data at a glance. The system stores the history of up to 500 bolting applications, shows mode settings, set and actual values, and assess whether the application was successful. This guarantees not only exact traceability but also safety for each bolting connection. “Safety plays a big role here. Utilizing the software package, the user can check that all bolts have been bolted with the correct torque or torque plus rotation angle. You no longer have to hope that all bolts are properly tightened, but now have the evidence of when and how they were tightened," says Silke Aigner. There are often many time-consuming regulations surrounding manual documentation of bolting applications.

With this software package, customers can, at last, be on the safe side: A concluding document of the bolting serves as protection and proof of the bolting power.

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