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End of Year Sale - Happy Holidays

Grab a bargain! Alkitronic Torque multipliers/wrenches and pumps are on sale (up to 30% off). This is our contribution to the end of a difficult 2020. Only a few models are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some were demos or rentals; others are discontinued but supported for many years! Have a look below and request a special price to make your start in 2021 easier! The promotion expires on December 31, 2020.

The alkitronic team wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a joyful New Year!

Battery Torque Multiplier EAF 2/150, EA 2/200 and EA 2/280

alkitronic EAF 2/150 (new)

190-1,035 ft-lbs - 3/4" square drive

alkitronic EA 2/200 (demo, used)

185-1,620 ft-lbs - 1" square drive

alkitronic EA 2/280 (new)

220-2,065 ft-lbs - 1" square drive

Request price

Download PDF • 1.46MB

Pneumatic Torque Multiplier CLD /L7

alkitronic CLD /L7 (new)

480-1,400 ft-lbs - 1" square drive

requires approx 25-35 cfm (20-100 PSI)

Request price

Download PDF • 261KB

Pneumatic Torque Multiplier CLV 175

alkitronic CLV 175 (new)

480-1,400 ft-lbs - 1" square drive

requires approx 25-35 cfm (20-100 PSI) comes with integrated silencer and remote control.

Request price

Download PDF • 781KB

Hydraulic Torque Wrench AT-3

alkitronic AT-3 (new)

330-3,325 ft-lbs - 1" square drive

Request price

Download PDF • 1.13MB

Hydraulic Pump

alkitronic Velox (new)

Output low/high-pressure area

6 l/min up to 2,000 psi

0.75 l/minup to 10,000 psi

Weight incl. 4 l oil 52 lbs

Noise emission < 76 dB(A)

Power requirements

110/230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1600 W

Request price

alkitronic_Velox_en (1)
Download PDF • 722KB

Manual Torque Multiplier Missing Link

alkitronic Norwolf Missing Link (new)

1/2" square drive, 4:1 ratio, 1-13/16" hex, max torque: 250 ft-lbs input/1000 ft-lbs output

Request price

Download PDF • 675KB

Electric Torque Multiplier

alkitronic EFCip 65 (rental, once used)

215-2,135 ft-lbs - 1" square drive

Request price

Download PDF • 623KB

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