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Giants on the interstate

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Torque challenges on traffic signs

Twenty-five feet high and with a span of up to 125 feet, they throne over our highways. Traffic signs help motorists to navigate. When it comes to secure bolting, an alkitronic customer relies on products from the "Home of Torque Power." Those signs can be bolted efficiently and reliably with the alkitronic ECWip electric torque multiplier and its integrated intelligence and measurement modes. Read more about the challenges and requirements.


Space constraints of the bolts on interstate highways' traffic signs sometimes present unique torque challenges when assembling and erecting those. Torques of up to 3,000 ft-lbs are required to secure those panels. Efficient, reliable, robust, and compact torque multipliers should be used by the companies who work on those. An all-weather torque multiplier was a prerequisite for an alkitronic customer, just as critical as the torque and angle bolting technique and process safety.


"Due to the small width of the joints on the signs, bolting conditions are very cramped. With its angled design, the alkitronic ECWip was ideal in this situation", the client stated. The compact design combined with the motor's aluminum housing gives the electric torque multiplier high stability and robustness. The torque multipliers used are also certified with IP54 protection. Respectively they can be safely used when working in rainy or dirty conditions.

Bolting with the torque-angle method.

The features included were decisive when choosing an alkitronic torque multiplier. It allows reliable bolting with the required torque and angle method. The flange connection shown contains seven bolts per side, resulting in 28 per flange. The links on the signs are bolted to a torque specification and an additional specific angle. Both parameters are monitored simultaneously. This procedure guarantees highest bolting quality and process reliability for the client.

The angled shape of the EWCip is helpful

The alkitronic features simplify documentation and ensure safety throughout a multitude of bolting operations. "The big advantage is that bolting is possible in one operation without additional verification. This saves the customer time and work,” explains the responsible alkitronic area sales manager. The compact, reliable alkitronic ECWip electric torque multiplier with its angled design has proven itself time again for the customer.

The best compliment a client can make: "We are delighted with the collaboration and, above all, with the alkitronic products."

TECHNICAL DATA OF the ECWIP 80 torque multiplier

  • Electric torque wrench alkitronic® EFCip / ECWip for torques from 55-4,800 ft-lbs

  • Precise shut-off torque even when operating on voltage-regulated mobile units.

  • ECWip models in angled design with high ease of use in confined spaces.

  • Robust and durable: Extremely heavy-duty motor housing made of cast aluminum.

  • IP 54 protects the tool in any weather

  • Repeat shutdown accuracy ± 3% with the same bolting process

  • Standard power requirements: 100 V - 253 V, frequency 45 Hz - 66 Hz Power max. 1100 W, protection class I, protection class IP 54 (standard)

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