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How to use an electric torque multiplier!

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Seven bullet points for a successful electric bolting process

  • Place the multiplier on a flat surface.

  • Insert the reaction arm into the spline.

  • Place the socket onto the square drive and slide the rubber safety ring over the pin.

  • Switch the tool on and off to test the connection to the power source.

  • Select the torque mode. (Mode 1: Target Torque + release angle, Mode 2: Target Torque + angle + release angle)

  • Check that the multiplier is in the correct position. The reaction arm should be on the same level as the socket or connector.

  • As soon as it reaches the preset torque (+angle), the motor will automatically stop and back off with the desired release angle.

Mode 1: alkitronic EFCip 40

Mode 2: alkitronic EFCip 40

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