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How to use a continuously rotating pneumatic torque multiplier!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Reduce bolting time and increase the quality

  1. The tool needs to be connected to an appropriate air supply. (suggested 25-35 cfm at 20-100 psi for alkitronic® tools)

  2. Verify the airflow in an operational test.

  3. Make sure you have a matching socket available for the nut to be bolted.

  4. Check the torque chart and specs to get the required setting for the correct and desired target torque.

  5. The tool should be running free as you adjust the air pressure to the right setting.

  6. Hold the tool steady and keep your hands away from the reaction point.

  7. Tighten the connection until the tool and nut stop entirely, and the set pressure is reached.

  8. Release the air pressure.

  9. Pneumatic torque multipliers are potent tools, and one should review these steps and the safety manual to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

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