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Latest News from the Home of Torque Power - Q2 - 2021

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Our Q2 issue in 2021 of our quarterly "Bolting Bulletin" covers the following topics:

  1. Hydraulic Pumps: Too many choices? What's the difference?

  2. Bridge Construction: High Speed Bolting with an alkitronic solution

  3. Event Update: Global Energy Show in Calgary, AB, September, 21

Not all Hydraulic Pumps are the same!

Mechanics, planners, pipefitters, technicians and engineers are facing a wide variety of bolting tasks.

They need to decide which technology to use and apply depending on the application and other factors.

  • What is the required pressure/torque range?

  • What are the nut sizes?

  • Do you have a low-profile application?

  • What is the time frame allocated to complete the job?

  • Is intrinsic safety required? (Electric vs. pneumatic drive of the pump?)

Low-profile applications or flanges are preferably torqued down with hydraulic pumps and wrenches. Pumps are an essential part of the setup, but what are the differences. One, two, four or even eight hydraulic torque wrenches can be connected to one pump. Pumps can process several tightening operations in parallel. Thus, it reduces the workload, saving time and costs. High-quality pumps have an accuracy of ± 3% and avoid tiresome rework, e.g. retightening or controlling the correct torque, which saves time and costs.

alkitronic has three high-quality hydraulic pumps designed, engineered and made in Germany for your particular needs.

The high-speed pump alkitronic NOVA has an electrically-driven output of up to 915 cu in/min at 1,015 psi (90 cu in/min at 10,000 psi) and a temperature-controlled safety function. The multi-box protects this beautiful piece of engineering and lets you carry it to and operate on work-sites with its automatic remote control function without taking it out of the box.

The electrically-driven alkitronic VELOX (up to 10kpsi) pump is a more economical solution with a lower output speed and a less compact form. However, this pump is reliable, and due to a change of direction of the drive motor, no magnetic control valves are required.

The pneumatically-driven alkitronic LHP2 is ideal when used in an intrinsic safe environment where electric tools are not permitted.

The noise level of alkitronic pumps is lower than the industry norm.

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Bridge Construction: High Speed Bolting with an alkitronic solution

In modern bridge and road construction, expansion joints are used to bridge abutment gaps. Learn how to tighten them with modern tools.

Event Update: Global Energy Show in Calgary, AB, September, 21

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