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The Bolting Bulletin - Q1 - 2020

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Latest News from the Home of Torque Power

Our first issue in 2020 of our quarterly "Bolting Bulletin" focuses on company news, a featured article about impact wrenches vs. continuously running multipliers and a product introduction to our popular battery-driven cordless alkitronic® EA series.

alki Technik GmbH Reinforces Footprint in North America Alexander Kipfelsberger, CEO of alki Technik GmbH, Germany, announced today that the company, a global provider of high-quality torque and bolting systems, will expand its operation to North America. Read more

Bolt suppliers and their relationship with Impact Wrenches As long as bolts and nuts are used to assemble joints, suppliers are going to periodically receive complaints about breaking bolts. In most of these cases, the supplier can find nothing wrong With the bolts through standard testing. Read more

Efficient, cordless, powerful You’d like to tighten bolts precisely with state-of-the-art technology, even without a steady power supply? Use our new battery-powered torque multiplier, the alkitronic EA. Work flexibly wherever you are and choose from torques between 65 and 4,430 ft-lbs (90 and 6,000 Nm) Read more

alkitronic Inc. Toll Free: +1 (833) 4TO-RQUE (486-7783) Laval, QC, Canada

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