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Torque multipliers / Torque wrenches in the Oil & Gas Sector

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

In the Oil & Gas industry, heavy bolt connections with large threads (in areas difficult to access) need to be tightened. Frequently this work needs to be performed in hazardous environments subject to explosion risks, where tightening pressurized pipes with flanges requires great force. The modern torque wrench was designed for heavy industrial use with anti-corrosive components, it delivers also a high life-cycle.

Understanding the benefits of these tools, it is extremely important for the torque wrenches to deliver accurate torque output to not only maintain joint-integrity to complete maintenance jobs quicker but also eliminate on-site and tool-related injuries.

The right combination

New bolting tools can not only cut down maintenance job times by 4 times but also provide additional benefits like power, safety, portability, accuracy, and many more. Additionally, providing features like data-recording not only helps traceability but also acts as a reference for future maintenance jobs.

In explosion-prone areas, mainly hydraulic wrenches or pneumatic torque multipliers are used. In restricted spaces, versatile hydraulic wrenches provide special advantages due to their short, flat design. When working speed counts, the combination of pneumatic torque multipliers and hydraulic wrenches is excellent, since pneumatic torque multipliers offer high speed and continuous rotation.

Safety – also in hazardous areas

In some facilities, only explosion-proof devices and machinery can be used. High precision and reliability are particularly important. With an EX-certified multiplier, you are definitely safe – even in environments with explosion hazards.

Advantages at a glance

  • flat design for safe tightening in restricted spaces;

  • simple usage and a low weight;

  • high efficiency with little maintenance and low costs

  • EX certification for high work safety and robust motor housing of cast aluminum

Useful accessory in an environment with pipes and flanges

The FLANGE BOY has proven itself for easy, safe separation of pipelines. Flange couplings are mechanically pushed apart.

Watch our video and find out more about the FLANGE BOY.

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