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The wind industry seems to be making its comeback

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Wind power is renewable, and there is no way we can run out of it

The turnaround efforts of the wind industry continue to be a top priority for many companies in times of low oil prices and the demand for fighting climate change. Suppliers see a definite upswing of the Wind Industry. Find out more about how bolting technology plays a role in this journey.

Energy Transition: The Journey Ahead

"Energy transition in today’s world refers to the global shift away from finite, primarily fossil-based energy toward renewable energy sources, which have become a powerful and cost-effective source of electricity. Costs of both solar and wind have fallen so drastically that in some parts of the US, and Europe, wind power has become cheaper than traditional fossil-based energy resources. Although federal subsidies for wind and solar energy are set to expire, the demand for renewable energy, driven primarily by corporations’ large-scale renewable energy purchases, will likely remain high. As costs continue to fall and these sources become mainstream, the renewable energy sector will keep growing and solidify as a strong investment opportunity." according to The Journal of Petroleum Technology


At wind power plants, the safety-related bolted connections of the tower, in the nacelle and the hub, are checked at regular intervals during its entire lifetime of 10-20 years. For many years the torque multipliers of alkitronic have been used worldwide, supporting the work of manufacturers and independent service companies.


Wind power plants have been shaping our landscape for more than 30 years. Set up individually or pooled in wind parks, in the countryside and now also offshore, they provide environmentally friendly energy in many countries throughout the world. To produce the required power, the turbines must operate flawlessly over many years in wind and weather 24 hours every day, provided the necessary wind is blowing.


For safe operation, the bolted connections are repeatedly checked according to the manufacturer's specifications. In operating and maintenance manuals, the wind turbine manufacturers provide precise instructions on how to examine each bolt. And this is where alkitronic torque multipliers come into play.


For instance, tower flange connections need to be checked after 90 days of its erection and every year after. Let's look at a tangible example. At a new 2.8 MW plant of manufacturer GE Wind Energy, as part of a so-called first service, a 100 % bolt control was carried out, among other things. For this purpose, the customer used various alkitronic torque multipliers.


The compact and robust hydraulic torque wrench alkitronic® AS-3 is used in not only the tower but also the nacelle on the brakes, the bearing bolts or the shaft-hub connection. In the case, over 100 bolts on the tower flange must be checked successively for precise torque. The hydraulic solution was used due to its small dimensions, low weight, and high performance. On more substantial connections, bigger hydraulic torque wrenches are active and reliable partners.


Azimuth drives are hard to reach and challenging to access, but a smaller alkitronic hydraulic wrench allows access and improves quality and safety. alkitronic® AS-1 is a reliable help to verify bolting connections on azimuth drives.


The energy-independent manual torque multiplier alkitronic® HG.

No hose, no cable, but high torque in a compact design in combination with a durable and robust gear: These are the arguments of many companies to control tower bolts with the HG.

A glance at the hub: This is where every bolt of all three rotor blades is checked. The employees of the manufacturer GE Wind Energy rely on bolting according to the torque/angle procedure. The bolts are first entered with small pre-torque, then with a given torque angle. This bolting method ensures precise and repeatable tension forces in the bolts and is used in all plants of the ½ MW and 3 MW platforms.

The alkitronic® electric torque multipliers have been the first choice worldwide for this application. For more than ten years, with the brushless motor and modern processor control, these torque multipliers work with conventional torque and also with torque and torque angle procedure. Continuous rotation with the strong 2000 W drive ensures high operating speed and accuracy. There are nearly 280 bolts that need to be tightened.

The alkitronic® torque multipliers are reliable and essential partners for the erection and maintenance of modern wind farms.


The industry uses a wide range of solutions such as electric torque multipliers, compact hydraulic torque wrenches in combination with modern automatic pumps or completely energy independent manual torque multipliers. alkitronic provides for all bolting connections the right solution and makes an essential contribution to the cost-efficient and smooth operation of wind parks.

alkitronic is working closely with the wind industry to provide the best possible solution tailored to the challenging needs in this industry.

Download our Wind-specific flyer:

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