alkitronic FLANGE BOY Set - a unique flange spreading solution


For separation of piping flanges proven internationally. Inserted in the bolt hole separating flanges mechanically, easily and safely. Also available in individual sizes. More info: Easy and safe mechanical separation of piping flanges It transfers the highest forces without damaging the support plates.


How does it work?

  • Insert the FLANGE BOY in one of the bolt holes of a flange.
  • Slip the bolt support plate, which is held by a chain, between the flange facings underneath the setscrew.
  • Once the FLANGE BOY is jammed tight, continue turning with a wrench until a position is reached where a gasket can be replaced or a spade set.
  • Lose the setscrew to the point where the support plate can be removed, and tap the setscrew with a hammer to free the FLANGE BOY from the bolt hole.
  • We recommend the usage of two FLANGE BOYs in cases where the transfer of high force is required.
  • Insert the second FLANGE BOY in the corresponding hole of the companion flange.
  • The force applied will act on the same support plate.
  • You will, thus, be able to apply heavy loads without risking damage to the support plate.
  • Due to the flange proportions, it is not possible to increase the thickness of the support plate.
  • Grease threads well before using.



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alkitronic Flange Boy Set (Metric)

SKU: 30936
  • 8 Flange Boys (several sizes)

    • D 18 
    • D 22
    • D 26
    • D 30
    • D 33
    • D 36
    • D 39
    • D 42
    • case
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