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We have a fantastic offering of specialized torque multipliers, wrenches, pumps and accessories for sale and rental. Made in Germany, alkitronic torque multipliers ensure outstanding performance for construction sites, assembly, or production. We offer you a wide range of solutions to meet your individual needs. 

Ask for a TRADE-IN! We are trading in older models and other brands. 

EA mit ladestation.jpg

Efficient & Cordless

Work wherever you are and choose from torques between 65 to 4,430 ft-lbs (90 and 6,000 Nm)

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From the Inventor

The different models cover torque output from 75 to 33,190 ft-lbs (100 to 45,000 Nm).


Rotate Continuously

Long-lasting aluminum housing and compact design. 85 to 35,400 ft-lbs (120 to 48,000 Nm).

AX-75 mit alkitronic_Logo.jpg

Highly Effective 

When substantial bolting connections need to be tightened with enormous force up to 53,100 ft-lbs (72,000 Nm).

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Fast, Reliable

Hydraulic pumps with electric or pneumatic drive provide fast operating speed, reliability, and safety for bolting applications.


Feel the Difference!

To replace impact spanners, pipe extensions and other bolting methods. Up to 36,875 ft-lbs (50,000 Nm).



 It was developed explicitly for bolting connections on plate heat exchangers.


Collection of Data

To fulfill legal regulations, to improve internal quality management, and to provide documentation for the end-user. 


Offset Multiplier

The most revolutionary manual torque multiplier for applications where standard tools don´t fit.


Easy and Safe

Easy and safe mechanical separation of piping flanges.


Precise shut-off

Electric torque multipliers for torques of 315 to 30,980 ft-lbs (42,000 Nm).

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Wide Range

alkitronic tools and alkitronic accessories meet the highest industrial quality standards. 



It enables you to prove the necessary torque to move the ball valve with different loads.



Prevents the nuts from spinning during the tightening and loosening of a bolt.


All brands

Ensure your torque output is correct. 

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