Repair and Calibration

Get the best out of your torque multipliers!

Calibration in our high-tech test and calibration lab

Calibration ensures precise tightening quality. 100% quality traceability. Our static-dynamic measuring simulator can measure from 70 to 147,000 ft-lbs. We recommend that you calibrate your torque equipment at least once per year.

Repair service

​We will repair your tools quickly and reliably. We carefully test each fixed machine to meet our high-quality standards and return it to your site in perfect shape. 

Maintenance Service

On request, we will check your torque multiplier for wear and hidden damage. If necessary, we will replace the parts that would need replacement after further wear and relubricate the tool. This precaution will help you to avoid expensive downtimes in advance.

Maintenance, Repair and Calibration Service Request

With our repair and calibration service, we ensure maximum reliability and precision of your tools.
Complete the form and send us your repair and calibration request. After submitting the request form please ship your system or component to us:



alkitronic Inc.
Attn: Calibration
4625 rue Louis-B.-Mayer
Laval, QC H7P 6G5

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