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Torque Multiplier Calibration

When Do You Require a Torque Multiplier Calibration?

Torque equipment tears and wears with time. As a result, they cause a detrimental impact affecting the tools’ internal working capabilities. Eventually, the torque equipment fails to deliver the intended torque. When working with such equipment, the fasteners may loosen or get too tight. This can deform them and, in worse cases, break them.

The fact is, in a lifetime of any torque multiplier, it will occasionally require calibration. Falling out of calibration is not an indication of a problem that needs replacement. If the multiplier is recalibrated, it will commerce its accurate performance.

Nevertheless, it can be challenging to identify the right time to calibrate your torque tools. When you take your tools for calibration and do not require them, you will disrupt your business and waste money.

On the flip side, if you work with a tool that requires calibration, you will potentially produce faulty products. This isn't good for business, especially if the final products disappoint your consumers. So when does your torque multiplier require calibration? Read on and get informed.

What is the Right Time for a Torque Multiplier Calibration?

Alkitronic's calibration team should inspect your power tool at least once per year. In the case of high usage or strain and many operating hours, servicing and calibration will be necessary more frequently. In case of unusual gear noises, lubrication of the gears is urgently recommended preventing subsequent damages. Moreover, other factors can affect the effectiveness of torque tools. They include the following.


  1. In case you are using the tools in highly humid, cold, wet, or hot conditions

  2. If the equipment is overloaded or the reaction arm is not positioned correctly

Any of the above circumstances can force your torque equipment to require calibrations before 12 months.

Where Can You Get Torque Equipment Calibration Services?

At alkitronic Inc., we offer impeccable calibration services making your equipment tighter and more efficient. Whether you require a battery torque multiplier or any other torque equipment calibration, contact us today and get immediate assistance.

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