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Torque Multiplier Tools

Types of Torque Multipliers

Torque multipliers are crucial tools for those working in the industry, construction and maintenance sectors. They have numerous uses: increase the amount of torque when applying on a bolt or nut, stop automatically when the preset target torque is reached, be precise, accurate, repeatable and make it easy when repairing heavy equipment. It can be overwhelming to identify the correct type of torque multiplier. Additionally, it is also not easy to get reliable torque multiplier suppliers. Nevertheless, we will make that easy by informing you of the different types of torque multipliers and how you can purchase them. Read on and get enlightened.

Manual Torque Multipliers

There are torque multipliers that can be very useful when working in the field. This is because they do not require an external power source to function effectively. In that case, Mechanics, Technicians, Millwrights, Engineers and Industrial Workers can use them in all environments. Hand torque multipliers can offer a variety of services, including large and complicated jobs. They are more affordable than other types of torque multipliers.

Pneumatic Torque Multipliers

These multipliers use compressed air to function effectively. Their reliance on compressed air is both a drawback and a strength because they can be more potent than other multipliers. Still, they require an air hose, a filter-regulator-lubricator unit (FRL) and a compressor to function. Pneumatic torque multipliers are productive when operating in factory environments and anywhere where the air supply is available at 25-35 CFM (20-100 PSI).

Radial Gearing Torque Multipliers

These tools are specifically designed for applications with plate heat exchangers or machines with long spindles or rods. As a result, they are required in industries that rely on this technology. They are available as pneumatic, battery and electric driven models.


Battery and Electric Torque Multipliers

These popular torque multipliers rely on electricity to function appropriately. They can perform better than hand multipliers and are extremely precise, repeatable and versatile. They are handy for factory applications, as well as in the field. Battery-driven units are the most portable. They need no external power source. Electric torque multipliers require a standard electric outlet (110V or 230 V) to reach their maximum performance.

You can get all of those types of torque multipliers at alkitronic Inc. Our products are accurate, efficient and will offer any form of bolting solution. You can get a free demo, come to our physical location or purchase selected torque multipliers online.

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