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Easy and safe mechanical separation of piping flanges

The alkitronic Flange Boy solution transfers the highest forces without damaging the support plates.

How does the system work?

  1. Insert the FLANGE BOY in one of the bolt holes of a flange. Slip the bolt support plate, which is held by a chain, between the flange facings underneath the setscrew.

  2. Once the FLANGE BOY is jammed tight, continue turning with a wrench (avoid powered torque multipliers) until a position is reached where a gasket can be replaced or a spade set.

  3. Loosen the setscrew to the point where the support plate can be removed, and tap the setscrew with a hammer to free the FLANGE BOY from the bolt hole.

  4. We recommend the usage of two FLANGE BOYs in cases where the transfer of high force is required. Insert the second FLANGE BOY in the corresponding hole of the companion flange. The force applied will act on the same support plate. You will, thus, be able to apply heavy loads without risking damage to the support plate. Due to the flange proportions, it is not possible to increase the thickness of the support plate.

  5. Grease threads well before using!

  6. Enjoy the video in our gallery to learn more!

alkitronic Flange Boy - english

alkitronic Flange Boy - english

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