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Torque Multiplier Repair

Torque Multiplier Repair vs. Replacement

Most industries rely on torque wrenches and multipliers to function appropriately. Moreover, workers in these industries depend on the wrenches’ accuracy for safety and quality reasons. It is crucial to maintain the tools by adhering to the scheduled calibration properly. Nevertheless, devices get worn out with time, and breakdowns happen, creating a need for emergency repair.

At times the damage is too severe to be solved by typical repair. The only sensible option will be a replacement. In most cases, the general rule you should use to decide is to do the math. If the repair expenses are more than half the cost of a new torque multiplier or wrench, then you should purchase a new one.

The ageing factor can also be helpful when making this decision. Most aged equipment will often need repairs. In that case, the repair expenses will exceed the replacement cost within no time. Therefore, it is rational to purchase new equipment. So, how do you know whether you require a torque multiplier repair or replacement? Read on and find out!

Instance When We Recommend Repair

  1. Bent or twisted square drive

  2. Worn gears

  3. Driveshaft replacement

  4. When the repair cost estimate shows a low amount.

When to Replace


  1. Complete damage of gear drive and drive unit

  2. When the purchase price is close to the repair price.

Still Unsure?

Suppose you are unsure whether your manual torque multiplier, pneumatic torque multiplier, battery or electric torque multiplier requires repair or should be replaced. In that case, you should have it checked by an expert. Alkitronic Inc. consults, verifies and provides the appropriate cost estimates for repairs vs. replacement. Moreover, we sell all types of torque multipliers. Whether you need repair or to purchase new equipment, we got you covered.

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