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Robust, long-lasting aluminum housing and compact design

Alkitronic pneumatic torque multipliers use state-of-the-art high-end gear converters driven by a pneumatic motor.  They do not “strike," unlike conventional pneumatic impact wrenches but rotate smoothly and continuously. They provide greater torque accuracy, higher performance, more reliable technology, little need for repairs, and lower running costs, bringing down the cost of ownership while improving the bolting quality. Upon request, we also provide ATEX/CSA-rated tools for use in hazardous areas.

These tools are available in a torque range from 45 - 35,400 ft-lbs (60-48,000 Nm).

The following models are available:

alkitronic CLS 

Quick, compact pneumatic torque multiplier for torques of 45 to 4,745 ft-lbs (60 Nm to 3,500 Nm).

alkitronic CLD

Comfortable torque multiplier with rotating handle for torques of 120 to 7,230 ft-lbs (160 Nm to 9,800 Nm.)

alkitronic CLS2

High-performance 2-gear machine for torques of 90 to 35,400 ft-lbs  (120 Nm to 48,000 Nm).

alkitronic CLV

​Pneumatic torque multipliers for torques up to 2,550 ft-lbs  (3,460 Nm).

alkitronic CLD-N

Quick pneumatic torque multiplier for comfortable operation at deep bolting connections due to extended square drive. The specific field of application: drop-center rims of heavy-duty vehicles.

Torque range: 825 to 2,580 ft-lbs (1,180 Nm to 3,500 Nm).

Torque Multipliers Tools
Torque Multipliers Tools
Torque Multipliers Tools
alkitronic pneumatic torque multiplier CLD - english

alkitronic pneumatic torque multiplier CLD - english

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