Fast operating speed, reliability, and safety

alkitronic hydraulic pumps with electric or pneumatic drive provide fast operating speeds, reliability, and safety. Our hydraulic pumps, with their worldwide proven pneumatic motor, are intended for safe operation in explosion-prone areas. The IP54 standard of the electric driven pumps protects them against rain, splash water and dust; this prevents costly downtime. The innovative drive of the alkitronic electric hydraulic pumps is a maintenance-free, brushless, low-wear, synchronous motor. When changing from the power stroke to the idle stroke, the alkitronic drive changes only the rotation direction and thus does not overheat the hydraulic oil. This patented alkitronic control system eliminates trouble-prone magnetic valves and is, therefore, excellent for continuous operation.

The following models are available:

  • alkitronic NOVA

    • Electric-driven hydraulic pump, usable worldwide 100-253 V / 45-66 Hz, up to 700 bar / 10,000 psi for hydraulic wrenches with single or double-acting cylinders

    • (10 l/min) 610 cu.in/min at (140 bar) 2030 psi

    • (1.5 l/min) 91 cu.in/min at (700 bar)  10,000psi

  • alkitronic VELOX

    • Unique electric-driven hydraulic pump with protection class IP65. Protected against rain, splash water and dust deposit and, therefore, no costly downtime. 

    • Simple operation and infinitely adjustable pressure setting up to 700 bar / 10,000 psi

    • (6 l/min) 366 cu.in/min at (140 bar) 2030 psi

    • (0.75 l/min) 46 cu.in./min at (700 bar) 10,000psi

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