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Why infrastructure spending should play a significant role in our economy’s recovery!

The need for bolting solutions in the process. An example in bridge building.

“Direct payments to individuals and companies was the right way to cushion the blow from the economy’s sudden stop. But there is reason to be skeptical that those funds will do much to actually stoke demand.

That’s why infrastructure should play a major role in the next phase of the rescue, since big-project spending stands a much greater chance of generating economic activity“ writes Kevin Carmichael in a Financial Post article published on April 29, 2020. Read the full article here:

Technical challenges in bridge and road construction

In modern bridge and road construction, expansion joints are used to bridge abutment gaps. Finger expansion joints bridge the gap with cantilever fingerplates. These massive and fatigue-proof finger elements are bolted to a solid foundation.

Historically these bolting connections were often realized with the help of manual torque wrenches. The work is hard on the backs and knees of the construction workers who have to complete the job.

Nowadays, high-end torque tools such as the alkitronic EFCip 100N handle this task faster and more comfortably. The output extension of this specialized electric torque wrench makes it the appropriate tool for tightening low-lying bolted connections. Working in crouched positions or on one’s knees becomes unnecessary.

Traffic and temperature fluctuations put high stress on these particular components. Additionally, bridge construction must meet strict security standards. The tools are developed with these requirements in mind. For instance, the electric torque multiplier allows predefining a specific shut-off torque level. Whether connected to an electric grid or portable generator, the wrenches achieve these forces precisely at any time. In some cases there is no electricity available, not a problem, one can fulfill the task with an alkitronic battery-driven multiplier.

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