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The Bolting Bulletin - Q2 - 2020

Latest News from the Home of Torque Power

Our second issue in 2020 of our quarterly "Bolting Bulletin" focuses on how alkitronic is dealing with Covid-19, a featured article on Plate Heat Exchangers in the food industry and a product introduction to our electric torque multiplier alkitronic®EFCip/EFWip series.

alkitronic® - Covid-19 response

We are still open and trying to operate to somewhat normal levels, but at the same time keep our staff and customers safe. Our office teams are largely working from home, we offer online demos vs. on-site visits and our new web (online) store has been a big help already in making this happen and I’m sure it will continue to be. Selected items are now available to be purchased online. 

Helping essential industries (food) - Plate Heat Exchanger Tools

New terms have entered our daily lives in the past weeks. Terms such as "Social Distancing", "Self-Isolation" and "Essential Industries" are kind of new to us and we haven't experienced a crisis (COVID-19) as we do these days. To keep our essential supply chain up and running, we need to make sure that we work organized, effective and productive. 

The Inventor of the Electric Torque Multiplier

alkitronic’s electric torque multipliers are specifically designed for use where high torques, fast operating speed, exact precision, or a high number of joints are required. They are especially effective for turbo-assembly applications, or the use in production environments. The IP54 rating protects the tools from moisture and dust. The different models cover torque output from 70 to 31,000 ft-lbs (100 Nm to 42,500 Nm). Read more

Our services at a glance

We consult, train, sell, rent, calibrate and repair!  Read more

alkitronic Inc.

Toll Free: +1 (833) 4TO-RQUE (486-7783)

Laval, QC, Canada

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